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Listing 20 Riddles in this Category - Logic

Riddles Author Rating Hits
How Can This Be?
N/A 797.00 28380
Boy and Canary
N/A 316.00 23818
N/A 221.00 24126
Half Full or Half Empty?
N/A 188.00 35152
Fishing Rod
N/A 89.00 23790
Clasped hands
N/A 67.00 23864
Cell breakout
N/A 165.00 27614
Sinking Ship
N/A 70.00 26442
Murder suspects
N/A 294.00 31801
Filling the room
N/A 128.00 30422
Reading with the lights off
N/A 127.00 32588
Explain how the tractor got there?
N/A 85.00 31437
The following sentence is false.
N/A 84.00 32781
Cogs, Tigs and Pabs
N/A 26.00 32626
Fox, Goose and a Sack of Corn
N/A 137.00 34332
Fork In the Road
N/A 55.00 35908
Two grandmothers
N/A 24.00 34421
Mailing a Valuable Object
N/A 70.00 40117
3 Switches
N/A 161.00 38597
Can't be buried in the USA
N/A 57.00 36991

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Pick of the Week
Title:midnight death - Author: jeremy thomas!!!!!!!!!!! - Contributor:jay thomas
a man is up at around midnight watching T.V. and decides its about time for bed. he gets up, walks the five feet to the T.V., turns it off, goes upstairs, turns off the light and goes to bed. .the next day he wakes up, turns on the T.V. and realizes he is the cause of 400 deaths....why?

he lived in a lighthouse. the light he turned off upstairs was the foglight used to guide ships and so a ship crashed into shore......woohoo!
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