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N/A 161.00 34971
Mailing a Valuable Object
N/A 67.00 34322
Can't be buried in the USA
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Fork In the Road
N/A 55.00 32305
Two grandmothers
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Fox, Goose and a Sack of Corn
N/A 137.00 31013
The following sentence is false.
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Cogs, Tigs and Pabs
N/A 26.00 29331
Reading with the lights off
N/A 127.00 28846
Four jolly men
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Murder suspects
N/A 294.00 28572
Explain how the tractor got there?
N/A 85.00 28216
Filling the room
N/A 128.00 26660
There was a green house.
N/A 333.00 25727
The beginning of eternity
N/A 842.00 25611
Half Full or Half Empty?
N/A 188.00 25419
With pointed fangs it sits in wait,
N/A 75.00 24204
Cell breakout
N/A 165.00 24108
Sinking Ship
N/A 70.00 23642
What common English word...
N/A 140.00 23469

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Title:Reading with the lights off - Author: N/A - Contributor:
Sergi and Sally where sitting in their family room one night. While Sergi was watching T.V his wife Sally was reading. All of a sudden the power went out and Sergi decided to go to bed, but Sally kept on reading. With no use of artificial light, Sally kept on reading. How?

Sally was blind... she was reading a book by Braille.
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